I have been making candles of all types throughout my 20+ years of candle-making journey, but since the time I made my first glitter candle, it holds one of the top spots in my list of favorites. Make one with me and you will know why !!

With Valentine’s day round the corner, I felt it was a good time for me to share this beautiful candle with you and show you how I make it. 

These glitter candles are great for decorating your home or as a gift for someone close to your heart.

Here’s How I make My Glitter Candle And You Can Too

What you will need to make a beautiful glitter candle

A Pillar Candle
This is also made by me using soy wax. I have kept it white and the fragrance I have added is cherry blossom. I was spoilt for choice with so many exotic fragrances, but I narrowed down to this romantic fragrance.

Modge Podge

A Tape

Glitter Powder
I have used red since I was making it for Valentine’s day but there many color options you can choose from, including gold and silver. 

A Paintbrush
Choose one depending upon the size of the candle you are using. Make sure to clean the paintbrush immediately after use or be prepared to bid goodbye to it. 

How To Make This Beautiful Glitter Candle

Tape the upper part of the candle – that you don’t want glitter on – with tape. Make sure the tape is secured properly. 

With the help of a paintbrush apply modge podge in a fine, even coat, on the lower exposed half of the candle.

Sprinkle glitter generously on the modge podge covering it well. Tip: Keep a plate underneath to collect the extra glitter that falls, so not to waste any of it. (I have used paper)

Let it dry. It takes about 10 minutes.

Apply another layer of modge podge and sprinkle more glitter to cover it completely. (The second layer of glitter is optional but I like to it for a more solid look)

Once it dries, coat it with modge podge and allow it to dry. This may take longer but absolutely worth waiting for.

Finally peel off the tape and viola !!! your beaotiful glitter candle is ready !!!

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Meenal, based out of Mumbai, India, has a vast experience of making candles. For over 24 years, she has been involved in making various types of candles and has trained thousands of students many of whom are running successful brands. She has been conducting offline and online candle making workshops for a very long time.

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