Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils for Candles: Choosing the Perfect Scent

When it comes to candles, scent plays a vital role in creating the desired ambiance and mood. Two popular options for adding fragrance to candles are fragrance oils and essential oils. While both offer unique benefits, understanding their differences is essential for making an informed choice. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics, advantages, and considerations of fragrance oils and essential oils for candle making.

Fragrance Oils for Candles:

Fragrance oils are synthetic or artificial oils created specifically for scenting various products, including candles. These oils are skillfully crafted in laboratories to mimic a wide range of scents, from natural fragrances to complex blends. Here are some key aspects to consider when using fragrance oils for candles:

  1. Diverse Fragrance Options: Fragrance oils offer an extensive selection of scents, allowing candle makers to explore a virtually unlimited range of options. From fruity and floral to spicy or woody, fragrance oils provide an abundance of choices to suit any preference or occasion.
  2. Long-Lasting Scent: One significant advantage of fragrance oils is their ability to retain their scent over a more extended period. The synthetic nature of fragrance oils helps to ensure that the aroma remains consistent throughout the entire burn time of the candle.
  3. Stability and Consistency: Fragrance oils are formulated with stability and consistency in mind. Candle makers can rely on fragrance oils to deliver a consistent scent profile from batch to batch, ensuring a reliable and predictable end product.
  4. Affordability: Fragrance oils are often more affordable than their essential oil counterparts, making them a cost-effective option for candle makers, especially when producing large quantities.

Essential Oils for Candles:

Essential oils, on the other hand, are derived from natural sources such as plants, flowers, and fruits. They are highly concentrated extracts known for their therapeutic properties and aromatic scents. Let’s explore the key aspects of using essential oils for candles:

  1. Natural and Authentic Fragrances: Essential oils offer a more authentic and natural scent experience compared to fragrance oils. Each essential oil carries its unique aroma, stemming from the plants they are derived from. This natural appeal can be particularly appealing to individuals seeking an organic or eco-friendly candle option.
  2. Therapeutic Benefits: Essential oils have long been valued for their therapeutic properties. Many essential oils possess various properties, such as relaxation, energizing, or soothing effects, which can enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of a space when used in candles.
  3. Environmental Considerations: Essential oils are often preferred by individuals who prioritize environmental sustainability. As they are derived from natural sources, essential oils are considered more eco-friendly than synthetic fragrance oils.
  4. Fragrance Intensity and Longevity: Compared to fragrance oils, essential oils tend to have a lighter and subtler fragrance profile. While this can be desirable for those who prefer a more delicate scent, it may require using a larger amount of essential oil to achieve the desired intensity. Essential oil scents may also dissipate more quickly during candle burning.

Choosing the Right Option:

Selecting between fragrance oils and essential oils for candle making ultimately depends on personal preference, intended use, and budget. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Purpose: Consider the purpose of your candles. Are they solely for aromatic ambiance, or do you also desire potential therapeutic benefits? Essential oils may be the preferred choice if you prioritize natural scents and potential health benefits.
  2. Scent Variety: If you require a vast range of scents, fragrance oils provide an extensive selection that may be more suitable for your needs. Fragrance oils allow for complex and imaginative scent combinations that can cater to diverse preferences.
  3. Budget: Budget plays a vital role in deciding whether to use fragrance oils or essential oils as essential oils being derived by a natural process are remarkably costlier than fragrance oils.


Having said this, one most important thing to be considered while deciding whether to use fragrance oil or essential oil, is that the oil has to specifically be used for making candles. The vendor you buy your fragrance from will be able to help you make an informed decision.

I hope this blog helps you choose the right fragrance for your candles. 

Feel free to comment down below with any questions or doubts you might have regarding this. 

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Meenal, based out of Mumbai, India, has a vast experience of making candles. For over 24 years, she has been involved in making various types of candles and has trained thousands of students many of whom are running successful brands. She has been conducting offline and online candle making workshops for a very long time.

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