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Introducing the ultimate skincare and haircare formulations bundle course, a game-changer that will transform your passion for skincare into an online eCommerce empire.

Dive deep into 45 comprehensive courses, of crafting exquisite soaps, facewashes, bodywashes, creams, lotions, ubtans, gels, scrubs, serums and more…

But that’s not all! Boom your online sales as we equip you with your very own high-converting ecommerce website and help you with seamless business registration.

Get ready to generate a steady stream of 6 figure monthly income (â‚č 70,000 to â‚č1,50,000), all while indulging in your love for skincare.

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What's Included in this Combo Offer?

Business registration licensing

You will get a full-fledged eCommerce website to start selling online. Within 48 hours.

eCommerce Site Features:
1. Server Setup
2. Site Setup
3. Client Can Add Unlimited Categories & Products (SKUs)
4. Automated Email and SMS Gateway
5. Discount & Coupon Code System
6. Customer Profile Dashboard, Order History, Account Details + Login & Registration Module
7. Order Tracking + Courier integration
8. GST Tax option
9. On-Site SEO optimization
10. Payment Gateway Integration
11. Product Rating & Reviews
12. Sales Analytics Dashboard
13. Admin Panel Training Documentation + Videos (How to Add Categories, Logo, Products, Text, Banners etc)
14. Advanced Anti-Virus & Malware Protection Plan
15. 12 Months Technical Support Provided

Please Note:
Domain Name Not Included (Must be purchased by client directly)

Delivery Time:
24 to 48 hours Installation Time

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  1. MSME Registration
  2. Domain Registration and Setup
  3. Figuring out the Brand Name
  4. Creating your Logo
  5. How to Cr4eate your Brand Logo
  6. Product Photography
  7. Whatsapp Marketing Software
  8. Creating Labels
  9. Branding
  10. Business Mindset
  11. Facebook ads
  12. Social Media Organic Hypergrowth
  13. Selling on Amazon


1. Introduction To Cold Process Soap

2. Ingredients Used In Soap Making

3. Making Lye Water

4. Yello, Walnut & White Cold Process Soap

5. Terrazo Soap

6. Ombre Soap

7. Swirl Pattern Soap With Frosting

8. Curing & Cutting Cold Process Soap

9. Packaging & Curing

10. Pricing

11. Converting Your Recipe From Percentage To Grams

12. Marketing Online & Offline

tis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

1. Introduction To Whipped Soap Making & Ingredients Used

2. Making The Base For Whipped Soap

3. Orange Whipped Soap

4. Coffee Whipped Soap

5. Brightening Whipped Soap For Body

6. Brightening Whipped Soap For Face

7. Dual Colored Charcoal Face And Body Body Whipped Soap 

8. Tri Colored Unicorn Whipped Soap

9. Converting Any Recipe To A Scrub

10. Packaging And Pricing Your Products

11. Marketing Online & Offline

12. How To Conver A Recipe From Percentage To Grams

13. Foaming Ability Of Our Whipped Soaps

1. Introduction To Melt N Pour

2. Loofah Soap + Melting Your Base

3. Cheeta Print Soap

4. Sandalwood & Oats Soap

4. Beach Soap

5. Green Tea Soap

6. Coffee Soap

7. Ice Crystals Soap

8. Haldi Brightening Soap

9. Marble Effect Soap

10. Lavender Soap (With Dried Lavender)

11. Sea Side Embeds Soap (How To Add Embeds In Any Soap)

12. Zigzag Pattern Soap

13. Soap With Spices

14 . Kiwi Soap

15. Rose Embed Soap

16. Unmoulding Soaps

17. Packing & Packaging You Soaps

1. Introduction To Making Facewash & Bodywash

2. Orange Peach Facewash + Checking Ph

3. Making Any Facewash/Bodywash Pearly

4. Berry Facewash

4. Making Any Facewash/Bodywash Enriched With Vit C ( Or Any Other Actives)

5. Charcoal Facewash

6. Making Any Facewash More Hydrating

7. Citrus Facewash

8. Shea Butter Bodywash Base

9. Skin Brightening Bodywash

10. Neem Bodywash

11. Sandalwood Bodywash ( In Transparent Base)

12. Cherry Blossom Bodywash

13. Aloe Bodywash

1. Introduction To Making Gels & Ingredients Used

2. Hibiscus Gel

3. Blue Pea Flower Gel

4. Neem Anti Acne Gel

4. Brightening Turmeric Gel

5. Papaya Gel

6. Moisturizing Body Gel

7. Strawberry Gel With Real Strawberries

8. Coconut Gel With Real Cocnut Water

9. Inventory Management, Packaging, Labelling & Logistics

10. Marketing Online & Offline

1. Introduction To Lip Care Products

2. How To Make A Tinted Lipbalm In Stick & Container

3. How To Make Transparent Lipbalm In Stick & Container


4. Birthday Cake Lip Scrub ( Formulation 1)

5. Chocolate Lip Scrub ( Formulation 2)

6. Green Apple Lip Scrub (Formulation 3)

7. Lip Mask (Formulation 1)

8. Lip Mask ( Formulation 2)

9. Lip & Cheek Tint

10. Professional Packaging

1. Introduction To Making Lotions & Lotion Bars

2. Cucumber Soothing Lotion

3. Rose Body Lotion

4. Pumpkin Spice Body Lotion 

5. Mango Body Lotion

6. Chocolate Chip Mint Body Lotion

7. Introduction To Lotion Bars

8. Chocolate Mint Lotion Bars

9. Fruity Lotion Bars

10. Callendula Lotion Bars

11. Rose Lotion Bars

12. Brightening Lotion Bar

1. Introduction To Making Body Yogurts

2. Ingredients Used And Their Uses

3. Floral Jasmin Body Yogurt

4. Litchi Body Yogurt

5. Patchouli Body Yogurt With Vit C

6. Aloe vera Cucumber Body Yogurt

7. How To Formulate Your Own Body Yogurt

8. Packaging & Labelling

1. Introduction To Body Scrubs & Ingredients Used

2. Coffee Scrub

3.  Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

4.  Ultra Moisturizing Scrub

5. Hand & Foot Scrub

6. Foaming Scrub

7. Jelly Scrub

1. Introduction To Ingredients Used In Bath Bombs

2. Making Bath Bomb Base And Making Bath Bombs

3. Coloring Your Bath Bombs (Writing Letters On Them)

4.  Curing & Packaging

5. Demo Of Fizzing Of Bath Bomb

6. Botanical Bath Salt

7. Foaming Bath Salt

8. Packing & Storing Bath Salts

1. Introduction To Facial Serums & Ingredients Used

2. Niacinamide 10% Facial Serum + Consistency + Packaging

3.  Glycolic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid Serum

4. AHA Fruit Serum With Blueberry Extract

5. Lactic Acid 10% Facial Serum

6. Vitamin C Facial Serum

7. Consistency Of Of Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid & AHA Fruit Serum

8. Packing The Serums

9. Adjusting The PH And The Right pH

1. Introduction To Face Scrubs & Ingredients Used

2. Strawberry AHA Fruit Face Scrub

3.  Emulsified Face Scrub

4. Foaming Papaya Face Scrub

5. Gel Scrub

6. Hibiscus Face Scrub

7. Adjusting The PH And The Right Ph

1. Introduction To Face Moisturizers & Ingredients Used

2. Everyday Face Moisturizer With Lactic Acid

3.  Light Weight Oil Free Moisturizer

4. Brightening Face Moisturizer -For Dull Skin

5. Oat & Face Moisturizer

6. Green Tea & Silk Moisturizer

7. Packing & Storing The Products

1. Introduction To Making Handwashes 

2. Vit C Enriched Handwash

3. Handwash #2

4. Handwash #3

5. Handwash For Kids & For Sensitive Skin

6. Shelflife, Inventory Management, Selling Your Handwashes & FAQ’s

1. Introduction To Making Facewashes 

2. AHA Fruit Acid Foaming Facewash

3. Foaming Facewash For Sensitive Skin

4. Foaming Facewash For Instant Brightness

5. Ayurvedic Powder Facewash For Oily/Acne Prone Skin

6. Ayurvedic Powder Facewash For Sensitive Skin

7. Ayurvedic Powder Facewash For Dull Skin

1. Introduction To Dessert Soap Making 

2. Making The Base For Desserts 

3. Unmoulding The Soap Base

4. Frosting, Piping & Finishing The Soap Base

5. Final Product Reveal

1. Introduction To Making Body Butter 

2. Kokum Enriched Body Butter

3. Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter Body Butter

4. Mango Butter Body Butter

5. Final Consistencies Of The Butters

1. Introduction

2. Moringa Facial Cleansing Soap

3. Ayurvedic Anti Acne Facial Soap

4. Gentle Kesar Cleansing Soap

5. Unmolding 

6. How To Price Products, Shipping Etc.

  How to make Sheet Masks from Scratch

✓  How to make sheet masks that are very effective

Making Sheet Masks for Indian skin type

✓ The right consistency to make the liquid for the sheets 

✓  Where to buy the raw ingredients from

✓  Using real dried powders & actives

✓  Different formulations for different skin types

✓  Work like magic & give for instant and extremely good results

✓  How to pack sheet mask for selling at home

✓  Packaging ideas for different usage – in 2 different ways

✓  Shipping, Pricing & Selling your products


1. Introduction

2. Lactic Acid Body Lotion – For Smooth Skin (Part 1)

3. Lactic Acid Body Lotion – For Smooth Skin (Part 2)

4. Final Consistency Of Lactic Acid Lotion + How To Make Any Recipe By Mixing And Matching Formulations

5. Glycolic Acid Brightening & Anti-Pigmentation Body Lotion

6. Niacinamide Body Lotion – Skin Polishing & Anti-Pigmentation

7. Pricing, Shipping Etc..

1. Introduction

2. Making Base Lotion For Sunscreen

3. Making Of The Sunscreen- SFP 50

4. Packing The Sunscreen 

5. Pricing, Shipping Etc..

1. Introduction

2. Exfoliating Lavender Jelly Face Pack

3. De-Tanning Gold Jelly Face Pack

4. Pearl Anti Acne Jelly Face Pack

5. Final Products & How To Use

6. Pricing, Shipping Etc..

1. Introduction

2. Basics About Formulating Gels

3. Introduction To Our Gelling Agent

4. Intro And About Aloe Vera Gel Formulation

5. Aloevera Gel

6. Intro And About Papaya & Glycolic Acid Gel Formulation

7. Papaya Gel With Glycolic Acid Gel

8. Intro And About Green Tea Anti Acne & Anti Pollution Gel Formulation

9. Green Tea Anti Acne & Anti Pollution Gel

10. Intro And About Lavender Gel With Lactic Acid Gel Formulation

11. Lavender Gel With Lactic Acid Gel

12. Intro And About Blueberry Skin-Brightening Gel Formulation

13. Blueberry Skin-Brightening Gel

14. Intro And About Silky Almond & Milk Gel Formulation

15. Silky Almond & Milk Gel

16. Intro And About Kojic Acid Gel Cream Gel Formulation

17. Kojic Acid Gel Cream

18. Intro And About Kumkumadi Gel Cream Gel Formulation

19. Kumkumadi Gel Cream

20. Adjusting The Ph & Why Its Important

21. Packing Your Gels

22. How To Officially Sell Your Products 

23. Formulating Your Own Products

1. Introduction To Kumkumadi Tailam Miracle Oil

2. Kumkumadi Oil Recipe 1

3. Kumkumadi Oil Recipe 2

4. Kumkumadi Oil Recipe 3

5. Kumkumadi Oil Recipe 4

6. PDF With Vendor Details

1. Introduction To Facial Bombs

2. Facial Bombs For Glowing Skin

3. Gold Facial Bombs 

4. Gold Facial Bombs With Wild Turmeric

5. Vitamin C Facial Bombs 

6. Red Wine Facial Bombs

7. Unmoulding, Packing, Shelf Life And Costing

1. Introduction Ubtans And Ingredients

2. Orange Peel Powder Ubtan Face Mask

3. Coconut And Saunf Ubtan

4. Ubtan Face Scrub

5. Diwali Ubtan

6. Ubtan Moisturizer

7. Body Ubtan

1. Introduction To Face Packs & Ingredients Used

2. French Green Clay Pack (Dry Skin)

3.  Bentonite Clay Face Pack

4. Ayurvedic Face Pack

5. Rose & Orange Face Pack

6. Jelly Face Pack (For Instant Brightening)

7. Powder Face Pack For Oily Skin

8. Powder Face Pack For Dry Skin

9. Powder Face Pack For Normal Skin Type

1. Introduction

2. Clay & Turmeric Waxing Powder

3. Skin Brightening Herbal Powder

4. Chocolate Waxing Powder

5. Ubtan Waxing Powder

6. How To Use The Waxing Powder

7. How To Price Products, Shipping

1. Introduction

2. Making The Ultimate Bath Bomb

3. Hibiscus (Color Changing) Bath Bomb

4. Layering Bathbombs Technique

5. Watermelon Bath Bomb

6. Bath Bomb Frosting

7. Bath Bomb Minis

8. Unmoulding Bath Bombs Minis

9. Unmoulding Bath Bomb 

10. Bath Salts In A Jar (Foaming) (1)

11. Bath Salts In A Jar (2)

12. Bath Salts In A Tall Glass

13. Magical Cloud Bath Scrub

1. Introduction To Making Shower Gels

2. How To Double Boil

3. Green Tea – Anti Pollution Shower Gel (Can Be Customized)

4. Strawberry Walnut Shower Gel

5. How To Pack Them & Store Them 

6. Pricing, Packaging And Labelling

7. Starting Your Business


1. Introduction To Lipglosses & Lip Oils

2. How To Make A Lipgloss From Scratch & Hwo To Pack It ( Tips & Tricks Included)

3. How To Add Charms To Your Lipglosses (Vendr Details For The Chrams In PDF)

4.  How To Make A Light Weight, Yet Hydrating Lip Oil

5. Pricing, Packaging And Labelling

6. How To Customize Your Products & Branding

7. Starting Your Business & Scaling To 6 Figures/Month

1. Introduction To Making Body Oils

2. Citrus Body Oil

3. Aromatherapy Body Oil

4. Lightweight Everyday Body Oil

5. Pricing, Packaging And Labelling

6. How To Use The Body Oils

7. Starting Your Business

1. Introduction To Making Emulsified Body Butter 

2. Thick Emulsified Mango Body Butter

3. Lightweight, Everyday Emulsified Body Butter (Like Body Shop)

4. Pricing, Packaging And Labelling

5. How To Use The Emulsified Body Butters

6. Starting Your Business

 1 – Introduction To Shimmer Oils, Highlighter Jelly & Strobe Cream 

2 – Shimmer Oil

3 – Jelly Highlighter

4 – Strobe Cream

5 – How To Price & Package Your Products

6 – Starting And Scaling Your Brand To 6 Figures A Month!

1. Introduction To Making Mists 

2. Vit C Face Mist

3. AHA Face Mist

4. Tropical Body Mist

5. Strawberry & Kiwi Mist

6. Hair Mist

1. Introduction

2. Ubtan Face Scrub

3. Diwali Ubtan

1. Introduction To Hair Gels & Ingredients Used

2. Anti Hairfall Hair Gel

3.  Anti Dandruff Hair Gel

4. Everyday Hair Gel (For Sofy And Silky Hair)

5. Hair Gel For Thin Hair (Makes Your Hair Soft & Thick)

6. Adjusting The PH

7. Packaging, Storage & Shelf Life

1. Introduction To Hair Masks

2. Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask

3. Cocoa Butter Enriched Hair Mask

4. Ayurvedic Hair Mask

5. Shelf Life, Storing Them, Making Modifications Etc.

1. Introduction To Infused Hair Oils

2. Methi And Curry Leaves Infused Oil

3. Hair Oil For Growth, Nourishing The Scalp And Preventing Hair Fall

4. Oil For Treating Baldness And Gray Hair

5. Oil For Healthy Hair

6. Calendula Flowers Infused Hair Oil

1. Introduction To Ayurvedic Hair Masks 

2. Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Healthy Hair

3. Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Hair Growth

4. Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Strength, Shine And Hair Growth

5. Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Conditioning And Volume

1. Introduction To Making Shampoo Bars & Conditioner Bars

2. Ingredients Used And Their Uses

3. Hibiscus Shampoo Bar

4. Amla & Jasmin Shampoo Bar

5. Mango Shampoo Bar

6. French Green Clay Shampoo Bar

7. Strawberry & Blueberry Shampoo Bar

8. Hibiscus Conditioner Bar

9. Amla & Jasmin Conditioner Bar

10. Mango Conditioner Bar

11. French Green Clay Conditioner Bar

12. Strawberry & Blueberry Conditioner Bar

13. How To Make Your Own Recipe

14. Packing & Packaging

With Vendor Details + PDF notes + Detailed Videos + Doubts Solving.

45+ Workshops Available for Instant Access @ Special Price of  INR 12,999/- (Lightning Deal)

Delivered instantly and start watching within the next 2 minutes

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The skincare formulations bundle course includes comprehensive training on 36 different skincare courses, covering a wide range of products such as soaps, facewash, bodywash, gels, lip products, creams, lotions, and more.

The bundle consists of 36 skincare courses, ensuring you have a diverse array of formulations to learn and explore.

Certainly! Some examples of the skincare products covered include nourishing face serums, hydrating body lotions, exfoliating scrubs, moisturizing lip balms, and refreshing facial mists & more…

No prior experience or knowledge is required to enroll in the course. It is designed to cater to beginners who are passionate about skincare and eager to learn the art of formulation.

Throughout the course, you will receive expert guidance from seasoned skincare professional, Swapnali. You can expect detailed video lessons, step-by-step instructions, and personalized support to ensure your success.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certification that validates your skills and knowledge in skincare formulations. This certification can enhance your credibility in the industry.

The ecommerce website provided as part of the course will give you a professional platform to showcase and sell your skincare products online. It includes features like product listings, secure payment gateways, and inventory management tools.

We provide done-for-you service for registering of your skincare business. This includes KYC processing, MSME Registration, and necessary documentation.

Absolutely! The course not only teaches you how to create the skincare formulations but also provides insights on customization. You will learn techniques to add your unique touch, ensuring your products align with your brand and customer preferences.

The timeframe for generating income may vary based on several factors, including your dedication, marketing efforts, and market demand.

However, with the knowledge and resources provided in the course, many students have seen promising results within a few months of launching their skincare businesses.

42 Workshops Available for Instant Access @ Special Price of  INR 12,999/- (Lightning Deal)

Delivered instantly and start watching within the next 2 minutes

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