Luxury Gels and Cream Gels Workshop

Recorded Workshop with Lifetime Access and Support

Learn the art of Making Luxurious Face and Under eye gels and cream gels.
A step above the Normal Gels – These feel Luxurious and leave your skin feeling velvety soft.

Also, I will walk you through my ideation for the gels and the combination of actives & extracts – which will help you to curate your own gels and formulation in the future.

Overview of the Workshop

✓  How to make Gels from Scratch
✓  How to get transparent gels.
✓  What causes a gel to look cloudy and how to avoid it.
Why does everyone prefer gels over cream?
 How to make gels hyrdating  +  moisturizing
  Difference between moisturization & hydration
  How to make gels fast absorbing in your skin
  Difference between face & under eye gels
  Actives v/s real dried powder? What is better?
✓  How to make gels that have a longer shelf life
  What are cream gels?
✓  Gels for winter
✓  Different textures and different finishes for gels
✓  Making gels & cream gels for winter
✓  Making gels for different skin types
✓  How to formulate your own gels
✓  How to sell your products – what certificate is needed
✓  Preserving your gels
✓  Packaging ideas for different usage.

Contents of the Workshop

1. Introduction
2. Basics About Formulating Gels
3. Introduction To Our Gelling Agent
4. Intro And About Aloe Vera Gel Formulation
5. Aloe Vera Gel
6. Intro And About Papaya & Glycolic Acid Gel Formulation
7. Papaya Gel With Glycolic Acid Gel
8. Intro And About Green Tea Anti Acne & Anti Pollution Gel Formulation
9. Green Tea Anti Acne & Anti Pollution Gel
10. Intro And About Lavender Gel With Lactic Acid Gel Formulation
11. Lavender Gel With Lactic Acid Gel
12. Intro And About Blueberry Skin-Brightening Gel Formulation
13. Blueberry Skin-Brightening Gel
14. Intro And About Silky Almond & Milk Gel Formulation
15. Silky Almond & Milk Gel
16. Intro And About Kojic Acid Gel Cream Gel Formulation
17. Kojic Acid Gel Cream
18. Intro And About Kumkumadi Gel Cream Gel Formulation
19. Kumkumadi Gel Cream
20. Adjusting The Ph & Why Its Important
21. Packing Your Gels
22. How To Officially Sell Your Products 
23. Formulating Your Own Products

By the End of this Workshop, you will be able to make beautiful face gels that feel luxurious and expensive!

All our gels are with tried & tested!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will share a PDF with all vendors, suppliers for the material.

Once you enroll, your account will be registered on our platform. You can then login via web, android app or iOS app to access your videos, PDF notes and support center. You have get instant access and lifetime support.

You have lifetime access and validity.

As these are handmade products so no need to buy big machines. But to give finishing, we recommend purchasing some appliances, and our teacher will let you know everything.

Yes we teach you to make the products in an easy, cost effective manner. From home – from scratch.

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