Emulsified Body Butters Workshop

Recorded Workshop with Lifetime Access and Support

This uniquely designed workshop teaches you everything you need to know about making emulsified body butters,ย  getting the right fluffy consistency, storing packing and labelling them

With Vendor Details + PDF notes + Detailed Videos + Email Support

Overview of the Workshop

โœ” What are Emulsified Body Butters and Basics ofย  Basics of Making Them
โœ” Types of Butters
โœ” Right Technique of Making Emulsified Body Butters
โœ” Whipping Emulsified body butters for indian Climate
โœ” tried and tested recipes + Techniques (for indian Climate)
โœ” Piping out the Body Butter
โœ” Colors, Fragrances and How to Use Them
โœ” How to Customize the Body Butter Recipes
โœ” Shelf life and Packing your products
โœ” How To Sell the Body Butters + Business Plan

Contents of the Workshop

1. Introduction to Making Emulsified Body butters
2. Thick emulsified mango body butter
3. Lightweight, everyday Emulsified Body butter (like Body shop)
4. Pricing, packaging and labelling
5. How to use the Emulsified Body Butters
6. Starting your business

By the End of this Workshop, you will be able to make beautiful Emulsified Body Butters for gifting, selling and personal use! These handmade Organic Emulsified Body Butters are definitely going to impress your customers and your friends and family.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will share a PDF with all vendors, suppliers for the material.

Once you enroll, your account will be registered on our platform. You can then login via web, android app or iOS app to access your videos, PDF notes and support center. You have get instant access and lifetime support.

You have lifetime access and validity.

As these are handmade products so no need to buy big machines. But to give finishing, we recommend purchasing some appliances, and our teacher will let you know everything.

Yes we teach you to make the products in an easy, cost effective manner. From home – from scratch.

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