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✓  How to make Jelly Highlighter

✓  Jelly Highlighter is perfect for the face as it is completely water based

Made using high quality ingredients. 

How to make shimmer oils

  Shimmer oils are perfect for the hands, legs & body! A geat way to stand out in events & everyday as well!

  Made using ingredients such as olive oil – so they work as skincare as well as beauty/makeup 

✓  Formulation for different skin types

✓  How to make strobe cream

✓  Works great for applying on face a highlighter or as moisturizer for everyday use. Also can be used under makeup to give a natural glow!

✓  In details explainaton of how to pack, how and when to apply labels, how to price your products and much more

✓  Also, learn how to SELL this product! Detailed  step by step to starting and scailing your business!

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