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✓  How to make Gels from Scratch

✓  How to get transparent gels.

✓  What causes a gel to look cloudy and how to avoid it.

Why does everyone prefer gels over cream?

 How to make gels hyrdating  +  moisturizing

  Difference between moisturization & hydration

  How to make gels fast absorbing in your skin

  Difference between face & under eye gels

  Actives v/s real dried powder? Whats better?

 How to make gels that have a longer shelf life

  What are cream gels?


✓  Difference between gels and gels?

✓  Which one is better

✓  Gels for winter

✓  Different textures and different finishes for gels

✓  Making gels & cream gels for winter

✓  Making gels for different skin types

✓  How to formulate your own gels

✓  How to sell your products – what certificate is needed

✓  Preserving your gels

✓  Packaging ideas for different usage.

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