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Shower Gels Making Workshop

How to make body gels from scratch Types of surfactants used and how to understand which ones to use how to make sure your body gels produce rich lather tried & tested recipes which your customers are sure to love! How to pack your shower gels and the shelf life of the same Colors, Fragrances …

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Body Oils Workshop

What are body oils and Basics of making them Types of oils Right Technique of making body oils tried & tested recipes About storage bottles Colors, Fragrances & How to use it Shelf life & Packing your products support

Emulsified Body Butters Workshop

What are Emulsified Body Butters & Basics of making them Different Types of butters Right Technique to making fluffy Emulsified body butter Whipping Emulsified body butters for indian Climate tried & tested recipes + Techniques (for indian Climate) Piping out your body butter Colors, Fragrances & How to use it How to Customize your Body …

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Jelly Face Pack

✓  How to make Jelly face packs from scratch ✓  Light weight face packs  which feel great ✓  Using Botanical flowers ✓ How to use extracts like aloevera, turmeric etc to make effective face packs ✓  Where to buy the raw ingredients from ✓  Beautiful looking jelly packs which sell easily! ✓  Formulation for different skin …

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Sunscreen lotions making workshop

✓  How to make Body Lotions from scratch ✓  Light weight lotions which feels great ✓  Making Sunscreen from scratch ✓ How to make SPF 30, SPF 40 & SPF 50 ✓  Where to buy the raw ingredients from ✓  Easy hack to stabalize the sunscreen formulations ✓  Formulation for different skin types ✓  Work like …

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Sheet Masks Workshop

✓  How to make Sheet Masks from Scratch ✓  How to make sheet masks that are very effective ✓  Making Sheet Masks for Indian skin type ✓ The right consistency to make the liquid for the sheets ✓  Where to buy the raw ingredients from ✓  Using real dried powders & actives ✓  Different formulations …

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Herbal Waxing Powders Workshop

✓  How to make Waxing Powders from Scratch ✓  Making Products for Indian skin type ✓ Using ingredients that are easily available ✓  These Waxing powders will make sure that unwanted hair doesn’ grow back easily ✓  Using real leaves & flowers dried powders ✓  Beginner Friendly walk through ✓  Removes hair and with regular …

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Glass Painting Workshop

What is glass painting What is glass painting done on outliners and colors used for glass painting How to clean the glass surface drawing or printing the design on paper attaching the paper to the glass for painting drawing the outline with the outliner Drying Time for the outliner / border selecting colors to paint …

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Facial Soaps

✓  How to make soaps from Scratch ✓  How to make easy yet unique and high end soaps✓  Making Products for Indian skin type ✓ How to make soaps that foam without any problem ✓  How to use silicone moulds ✓  How to make foaming minis with actives ✓  Using real dried powders ✓  Beginner …

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Designer Candles Workshop

All About soy and gel wax how to melt the wax temperature at which fragrance and color to be added Pouring temperature Giving marble effect to candle unmoulding of candles decoupage on candles making glitter candles – pillar and jar printing on candles decorating with gold flakes using heat gun and hot glue gun packing, …

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Advanced White Cement Workshop

All About white cement Making the white cement paste products to add to white cementto make it strong Pouring Cement In Moulds Giving marble effect to white cement unmoulding of products Cleaning, finishing and curing decoupage on white cement painting on white cement protecting with varnish Packing and packaging pricing

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