Ayurvedic Hair Masks

what are hair masks benefits of hair masks for the hair Benefits of different ingredients used in hair masks Different Ways to mix the hair masks tried and tested recipes How to store the powders shelf life of the mask powders Ingredients for different hair issues how to use the hair masks support

Hair Masks

How to USe Hair Packs benefits of Homemade Hair Packs Silicones and why should you avoid them How to make hair Packs (like the market brought) at home from scratch How to make different packs for different hair types shelf life of these hair packs Ingredients for different Hair types Tried & Tested Recipes support

Hair Gel Workshop

How to make Hair Gels from Scratch Using Actives, Protiens & Oils Formulations that work 110% Silicone Free Formulation Making Very Stable Formulations Adding Eco Friendly Preservaties Result Oriented Formulations Formulations for selling + Personal Use Guranteed results support

Infused Hair Oils

All about infused hair oils Benefits of infused hair oils Benefits of different oils Properties of herbs Benefits of different herbs Types of Containers Method of infusing the herbs Bottling and storage support

Liquid Shampoo & Conditioners

Making Shampoo From Scratch Adjusting Consistency of the Shampoo & Conditioner Formulations From Scratch Silicone Free Formulation Adding real herbs, honey, flowers in the formulations Adding Preservaties & why is it Necessary Adjusting the ph using Hair Strengthning Extracts & Actives support

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars Workshop

Ingredients used in Formulating Shampoo & Conditioner Bars How to use them From The Basics Butters and Carrier oils Different Types of Shampoos & Conditioner Bars How to make it feel luxurious Packaging Ideas for Business and Personal uses Walk Through with Detailed Demo of the Process Selling Them Online & Offline support

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