Glass Painting Workshop

What is glass painting What is glass painting done on outliners and colors used for glass painting How to clean the glass surface drawing or printing the design on paper attaching the paper to the glass for painting drawing the outline with the outliner Drying Time for the outliner / border selecting colors to paint …

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Advanced White Cement Workshop

All About white cement Making the white cement paste products to add to white cementto make it strong Pouring Cement In Moulds Giving marble effect to white cement unmoulding of products Cleaning, finishing and curing decoupage on white cement painting on white cement protecting with varnish Packing and packaging pricing

Lippan Art Workshop

What is Lippan Art What is lippan art done on Types of clay that can be used How to prepare the board getting the clay ready Mixing and rolling out the clay Pasting the rolled clay on the board Drying Time between each process Colors to be used for painting on the board How to …

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Chocolate Bouquet Workshop

What are chocolate bouquets Types of chocolates that can be used Types of papers to make the bouquets Adding stems Assembling the bouquets Creating basic paper flowers Fixing the chocolates on the paper flowers Attaching the bows / ribbins

Texture Painting Workshop

What is Texture Art Types of texture pastes Types of surface on which texture painting can be done Painting the Canvas with a base coat Colors to be used Drawing on the prepared canvas Adding colors to the texture paste Filling the texture paste in piping bags Piping the paste on the designs Drying the …

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Wax Crayons Workshop

How to make crayons at home Types of wax that can be used types of pigments that can be used Adding essential oils Melting the wax adding colors and essential oils to the melted wax Pouring the wax into moulds about moulds drying and setting time Unmoulding Labeling and Pricing Vendor Details

Ritual / Magick Oils Workshop

what are ritual oils How to cleanse each product that is used Botanicals, oils and essential oils that can be used crystals that can be used tried and tested oils type of bottles used for storage shelf life of the the oils how to use the oils labelling, packing and packaging Support

Block Printing Workshop

All about block printing Using colors, Binder & Fixers Types of Fabrics that can be used Preparing the fabric for block printing Selecting the blocks for block printing preparing the blocks for printing Dipping the block in color technique Drying, ironing & washing the Printed fabric support

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